Logging with SignalR

26 בFebruary 2013

Logging with SignalR Debugging your signalR application on both client and server can consume time. To save time we might go to Fiddler,  or use the Network tab on our browser’s developer tools. signalR offers simple logging mechanism for javascript clients. in this post I’ll briefly show how to enable this log, what it writes when enable, and how to add some custom log records.   Enable logging To enable logging you simply need to add the following...
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SignalR Protocol

17 בFebruary 2013

SignalR Protocol   After showing how to get started with SignalR, how to use it with .Net client and how to self host it, I wish to show what SignalR does on the network level. In this post I will review the protocol SignalR implements and see what data is sent at the various stages.   Negotiation phase: One of SignalR best qualities is its ability to support various communication techniques without its API user have to change...
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About embedded & external resource files

5 בFebruary 2013

About embedded & external resource files Recently I was asked by a colleague of mine to help him with a problem. He had tried numerous times to work with resource files on a web project and got many errors until he had moved the files build action from content to embedded resource.   What’s the difference? Embedded resources are files that are put inside the compiled assembly when compiling it. However, when a resource file build action is...
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