KnockoutJS–The Observables

24 בNovember 2011

KnockoutJS–The Observables On my previous post, I’ve demonstrated a simple example of data binding between our HTML content (view) and our Javascript (view-model). On this post I’ll dive, not deeply, to the javascript  on our view-model and explain some of it’s basics, the ones that causes it to act as a real view-model. ko KO stands for Knockout and it will be used whenever we use the KnockoutJs library ko.observable() This function, of the KnockoutJs library notifies the view of every change of the bounded member’s value. Please note that in Javascript you...
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KnockoutJs–MVVM in HTML & Javascript

20 בNovember 2011

KnockoutJs – MVVM in HTML & Javascript Previously I’ve posted about MVVM and Silverlight, It seems long ago, before Microsoft has begun focusing on HTML & Javascript as a client development platform. One of the things I’ve cherished the most about XAML related technologies development was the ability to completely decouple behavior and UI using MVVM. I didn’t know about any possibility to implement the same pattern on HTML & Javascript based applications. In order to do so, we can now use KnockoutJS, a Javascript library based on jQuery  that...
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Your service generates odd WSDL? Search for Serializable attribute

10 בNovember 2011

A problem I’ve encountered at a customer I work for was very strange behavior regarding the WSDL being generated by it’s service. The WSDL didn’t contain any class property, moreover it did contain private members of a class being exposed by the service. Let’s have a look on a repro: 1. Here’s the class being exposed: namespace SerializationDemo.Entities { public class...