Handling application states on Windows 8

16 בSeptember 2011

Handling application states on Windows 8 As heard on BuildWindows and over and over again throughout the sessions    there is new application state called Suspended. When using the computer in Metro style mode the application changes state to “suspended” when the user moves to another application. This is mainly for power saving since Windows 8 targeted to portable devices such as tablets. So, when developing an application we would like to do some operations when changing states. Let’s see how...
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Windows 8 For developers – what’s new?

14 בSeptember 2011

Windows 8 For developers - what’s new? Today in BUILD,  it was all about Windows 8 and it seems like a very big change from what we’ve known so far. And what is the big change? JavaScript & HTML have become a native part of windows application. That is something completely new for us. HTML comes out of the browser for windows 8 and it can be a UI for a “regular” windows application. The Metro style applications, meaning that application doesn’t stand alone but it is a part of “Application web” as put by...
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It’s BUILD time

11 בSeptember 2011

It’s BUILD time Today I’m off to BUILD/Windows among a delegation of almost 20 experts from SELA. As everyone, I’m looking forward for this conference. Hope to see you there.  You can find us with our orange shirts. See you there,  Ran.
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Internet Explorer 8 (and below) won’t show some of your jpegs

1 בSeptember 2011

A very strange phenomenon I came across while developing web application for a customer. A Jpeg formatted picture wasn’t shown on IE8 browsers, while shown on others (Firefox 5, Chrome 12, IE9).  The browser displayed an empty placeholder with a red ‘X’ as it does when not finding an image. This led as to searching for causes such as wrong URL, communication problems etc. . After a while,  one of our IT personnel have discovered that when requesting the image, there’s some XML inside the...
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