Using session manager class in Global.asax

21 בMarch 2011

Using Session manager class in Global.asax Long ago, I’ve written about Session Manager class. The class purpose was to wrap session variables in properties and gain type safety to them. In this class we’ve added a Session property with get accessor, which wraps the HttpContext.Current.Session. Everything went well until I’ve encountered the needto use this class on Session_End method in global.asax Global.asax is not a regular Http Handler and therefore it doesn’t hold an HttpContextThis means that when going to the Session we’ve received our good old NullReferenceException. On global.asax there is access to the session variables but...
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404.2 and , ISAPI restriction and Web Service Extension

3 בMarch 2011

404.2 and , ISAPI restriction and Web Service Extension   A common and very misleading http error is the status with code 404.2 . It is misleading because it belongs to the 404 family which may indicate that the resource was not found, however this error indicates that the server has blocked our request by it’s lockdown policy. The web server lockdown policy’s job is restrict the requests to a known and valid pages / resources.  For example, this is very rare to find...
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