Casting operators

17 בMarch 2010

Casting operators   Many times we’ve encountered the need to cast a variable from one type to another.  On many occasions we couldn’t and therefore had to write our own conversion methods. Manyof these occasions the conversion methods involved our own classes. In this post I will demonstrate the casting operators that will allowas to have an implicit or explicit conversions between our types. These operators has the reserved words implicit and explicit insidetheir declaration without operator sign (+, –, =, == etc.), and itlooks like this: public static implicit/explicit operator MyTargetType(MySourceType parameter)   It is important to mention that...
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Deployment using Marge Module

14 בMarch 2010

Deployment using Marge Module   I was asked by one of Sela’s customer’s the following question:   We’ve developed two add-ins, each one has it’s own setup project ad we’d like to include them in one MSI. It didn’t take very long to come up with an answer: “Use Merge Module”   So, What is Merge Module? Let’s say you have an application that is consists of multiple assemblies (Isn’t  it the case most of the time?) . Deploying the application by one setup project ...