Disable NDR Exchange 2013/16

June 30, 2019

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NDR`s or Non Delivery Reports are reponses from servers saying this address does not exist Or Mailbox Is FULL . For example if you email Test@MyDomain.com you would receive an NDR that says email address not found. This lets the user who sent the email know they either have the wrong address or they have made a typo error.

1.  if you want to disable NDR for all remote Domains:

Get-RemoteDomain | Set-RemoteDomain –DeliveryReportEnabled $false

if you want to disable NDR only for testdomain.com :

Set-RemoteDomain testdomain.com –DeliveryReportEnabled $false

2.   If you Send TO  User with Full mailbox you Will Get an Error that “Mailbox Is Full” with long Details about is Exchange Servers.

you can  disable the “Diagnostic Information For Administrators:” for all domains :

Get-RemoteDomain | Set-RemoteDomain -NDRDiagnosticInfoEnabled $false

if you want to disable “Diagnostic Information For Administrators:” only for testdomain.com :

Set-RemoteDomain  testdomain.com   -NDRDiagnosticInfoEnabled $false



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