Announcements From Ignite 2018

October 4, 2018

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Ignite  is over and now is the time to present some key announcements .


The end of the password era

Password are big headache for any Security officer . Microsoft introduce a new concept – Login Via Azure AD-connected apps via Microsoft Authenticator

“We are not only protecting the Microsoft platform though. Our security helps protect hundreds of thousands of line-of-business and SaaS apps as they connect to Azure AD. We are delivering new support for password-less sign-in to Azure AD-connected apps via Microsoft Authenticator. The Authenticator app replaces your password with a more secure multi-factor sign-in that combines your phone and your fingerprint, face, or PIN. Using a multi-factor sign-in method, you can reduce compromise by 99.9 percent, and you can make the user experience simpler by eliminating passwords. No company lets enterprises eliminate more passwords than Microsoft. Today, we are declaring an end to the era of passwords”


Cortana Skills Kit for Enterprise

  • Cortana is a digital assistant that keeps users informed and productive, helping them get things done throughout the day. With Cortana Skills Kit for Enterprise, businesses can now extend Cortana’s capability by building their own custom skills for domains ranging from HR, IT, Helpdesk, Sales to areas like Smart Building:

– To make information retrieval an easy task

– To complete company specific tasks and different workflows more easily with voice

– Help employees save more time and focus on things that matter most

Cortana Skills Kit for Enterprise is built on top of Azure Bot Service and leverages Azure Active Directory to manage building, testing and deployment of the custom skills within the tenant.

  • Azure Bot Service
    A skill is a speech bot. Use the Bot Framework to build your speech bot, register it, and define your Cortana channel. The framework provides a .NET SDK and Node.js SDK that you use to build your bot. The Bot Framework SDKs provide features such as dialogs and built-in prompts that make interacting with users much simpler.

  • Azure Active Directory
    Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) helps enterprises manage user identities and create intelligence-driven access policies to secure your resources. The Skills Kit leverages the same technology to deploy custom skills to a group of Azure AD users for testing and to manage deployment to the entire tenant.

  • IT Admin Portal for managing skill deployment to tenant
    Dedicated portal for IT Administrators and delegated reviewers to review the skills submitted by enterprise developers for deployment to tenant. Reviewers should ensure that custom skills follow company’s guidelines on privacy, security and other practices before approving a skill for tenant deployment.


Cortana Skills Kit for Enterprise is currently available through Technology Adoption Program.

For more-


Open Data Initiative

Adobe, Microsoft and SAP announce the Open Data Initiative to empower a new generation of customer experiences

To deliver on the Open Data Initiative, the three partners are enhancing interoperability and data exchange between their applications and platforms — Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Experience Platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP C/4HANA and S/4HANA — through a common data model. The data model will provide for the use of a common data lake service on Microsoft Azure. This unified data store will allow customers their choice of development tools and applications to build and deploy services.

With the Open Data Initiative, companies will be able to:

  • Unlock and harmonize siloed data to create new value
  • Bi-directionally move transactional, operational, customer or IoT data to and from the common data lake based on their preference or needs
  • Create data-powered digital feedback loops for greater business impact, while also helping to enable their security and privacy compliance initiatives
  • Build and adopt intelligent applications that natively understand data, relationships and metadata spanning multiple services from Adobe, SAP, Microsoft and their partners



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