Controlling Automated Renew Requests Generation Time in FIM CM/ILM 2007 CLM /MIM

February 26, 2018

Abstract: CLM in all of its versions has a mechanism to auto initiate Renew certificate Requests when the certificate is about to expire . This article will explain how this mechanism works and how to better control it, for instance in a case where there are a lot of certificates that will require an update at a particular date and there is a need to update them in batches instead of all together. In this article: · General explanation on how the Auto Renewal mechanism works · Method To control the Automated Renew Process · Navigate the CLM DB to Find expiring certificates request id's...
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Servicing extensions for Windows 10

February 20, 2018

Servicing extensions for Windows 10 announcement from Microsoft : Windows 10 is being adopted rapidly by organizations of all sizes, and as customers deploy the product they are implementing a modern servicing methodology we refer to as Windows as a service. Many customers have made significant progress in moving to Windows as a service – including MARS, Independence Blue Cross, and Accenture.  However, some customers have requested an extension to the standard 18 months of support for Windows 10 releases.  To help these customers, we are announcing an additional six months of servicing for the Enterprise and Education editions...
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A10 Networks (AX) Traffic On Layer 7 not Received From Server

February 8, 2018

  On One-Arm mode deployment In 99%+ of cases, AX knows where to go reply to the client looking at its routing table but if not , you should use  “use received hop for response” or “Gateway configured in the SNAT” The different between “use received hop for response” to “Gateway configured in the SNAT” . “use received hop for response”Client talks to the VIP (AX). AX records from what router this packet comes from (looking at the source Mac).Then when the AX replies to the client, AX doesn’t look at its routing table but sends its response...
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