Removing Orphaned Virtual Machine Objects in SCVMM (System Center Virtual Machine Manager)

October 25, 2017

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When Managing Virtual Machines via both Hyper-V and SCVMM Sometimes the bond between the Virtual Machine Object on SCVMM and The Hyper-V Breaks

This Bond is based on a Property Named VMID that Exists in Both Objects Called VMID

When Issue occurs There is a Stale orphaned Virtual Machine object in the SCVMM console and all actions taken on it will fail because the object has no equivalent Virtual Machine in Hyper-V.

There is no way to delete this orphaned Virtual Machine Via the Console GUI only thru the powershell command Remove-SCVirtualMachine with the Force Switch(-force).

In many cases this happens when a Virtual Machine is Created Deleted and Created Again in a short amount of time, in this case we would have 2 objects for the Virtual Machine in SCVMM one that will have the Correct vmid and the second with a VMID that has no equivalent in the Hyper-V manager So we must delete the correct object in SCVMM the one with the Wrong VMID.

To get the VMID on hyper-V use the command get-vm XXXXXX


To get the VMID in SCVMM you can use the command Get-SCVirtualMachine


So when Deleting the object Make Sure you are deleting the Orphaned object and not the Correct object the way to do it is from SCVMM powershell interface :

$vm=Get-SCVirtualMachine |?{$_.vmid -ne “3C6E6982-958B-4703-967B-245457381C26” -and $_.Name -eq “XXXXXX”}

Remove-SCVirtualMachine -VM $vm -Force


Sagi U.

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