WDCIL Presentation and Demos

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This evening I gave a talk on the Task Parallel Library (TPL) and the asynchronous programming features of C# 5.0 & .NET 4.5 at the Israeli Web developers user group. Thank you all for coming, I had a lot of fun!Although the TPL has been around in release for for more than 3 years, I’m still surprised to find developers who know little about and don’t use it. This is unfortunate, as I consider the TPL one of the best parts of .NET. I wish more developers learn it and use it. The same goes for C# 5.0. For...

System.Xaml in .NET 4 Part 2

Thursday, May 13, 2010

This wasn’t meant to be a multi-part series, but it seems to turn out that way… In the first part, I’ve shown how we can leverage some of the new System.Xaml namespace functionality to construct an object tree from a XAML text. This was pretty easy with methods like XamlServices.Load or XamlServices.Parse. However, these methods return the top level (root) object, with all sub objects constructed already, without any way to intervene, or do something with the sub-objects, as they’re being constructed. To gain access to the sub-objects (and their assigned properties) during the parsing process, we’ll...
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XAML in .NET 4

Monday, May 10, 2010

XAML was originally developed for WPF (and WF) to allow a neutral, declarative way to build user interfaces. But in actuality, XAML has nothing to do with UI: it’s simply a language that allows creation of objects and setting of properties. The addition of type converters and markup extensions make this language extremely powerful for describing object hierarchies. .NET 4 takes XAML to the next level, unbinding it from its WPF roots. A new assembly, System.Xaml.Dll hosts the generic usage of XAML. Most of the relevant types are in the System.Xaml namespace. With this in mind, a...
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My Developer Academy 4 Session

Monday, March 22, 2010

Today, I presented the session entitled “.NET 4: What’s new in the CLR and BCL?”. Thank you all for attending! I didn’t get the chance to do all the demos I wanted because of time constraints (I always try to stuff more that is possible in the allotted time, and even “stole” a few minutes extra), but I hope the message went through: there are improvements all over the board that will impact almost any type of application. I suggest you download the demos and slides from the developer academy 4 site (they should be there in...

C# 4.0 New Features Videos

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Recently, I’ve given several sessions on “What’s new in C# 4.0?” in an MS Open House and the Nes Tziona User group. For those unable to attend, or just want some refreshing, I’ve created 3 videos on the main C# 4 features (“Optional and named arguments”, “dynamically typed objects” and “generic variance”). You can watch those on the Hi-Tech TV web site. Enjoy!
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Open House on C# 4.0 (Take 2)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yesterday, I delivered a session titled “What’s new in C# 4.0?” after a session by Guy Burstein on “First look at Visual Studio 2010”. Thank you all for attending. I apologise for not using all the feedbacks to select winners for the books – sorry, guys! I’ll pay attention next time (probably lack of food). Some notes that came up during the session: 1. The misbehavior on the DynamicXmlElement class was due to a small oversight: I wrote this code when only one element existed: case 1:   ...

The Return (Appearance) of the Complex Type

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Early in the ads for .NET 4.0, there were rumours about two types dealing with numeric stuff, BigInteger and Complex. In the Beta 1 phase, BigInteger has appeared (I’ve briefly blogged about it), but Complex was nowhere to be found. With the advent of .NET 4.0 Beta 2, I was happy to find the emergence of the Complex type in the System.Numerics namespace (and these numeric types have been moved to their own System.Numerics.Dll assembly). Complex is, of course, represents a complex number, with a Real part and an Imaginary part. It hosts all the usual expected...
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What’s New in C# 4.0 Open House

Monday, August 24, 2009

Last Wednesday I presented in a Microsoft Open House a session entitled “What’s New in C# 4.0?”. The first part was “What’s new in VS 2010” presented by Guy Burstein. Thank you all for attending! The presentation and demos can be downloaded from the events page here.

BigInteger in .NET 4.0

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One of the simplest new additions to the .NET 4.0 framework is an integer with arbitrary length, System.Numerics.BigInteger. Here’s a simple usage example, comparing it to a double:   BigInteger b = BigInteger.Pow(2, 64); Console.WriteLine("BigInteger: {0}", b.ToString("N")); Console.WriteLine("Double:     {0}", Math.Pow(2, 64).ToString("N")); Console.WriteLine(); b = BigInteger.Pow(2, 128); Console.WriteLine("BigInteger: {0}", b.ToString("N")); Console.WriteLine("Double:     {0}", ((double)b).ToString("N")); The output is: Not bad.
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