WPF Tip – Limiting the number of items in an ItemsControl

May 29, 2016

This sounds like a simple thing – how do we limit the number of items in an ItemsControl or one of its derivatives, such as a DataGrid. The problem is that the DataGrid can be sorted and perhaps filtered using an ICollectionView. Let's say we have a DataGrid that shows a list of Process objects with some of their properties shown. Sorting comes practically for free – we just need to set the SortMemberPath of a DataGridColumn and the DataGrid will take care of the rest. Let's further assume that we have a TextBox that allows filtering of process objects by...
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QSlice – WPF Style

May 21, 2016

Old timers may be familiar with the Windows NT/2000 Resource kit tool named QSlice that shows the relative CPU consumption of processes graphically. QSlice can still be found floating on the web somewhere. Here's a screenshot: It still works on Windows 10 version 1511 ("Threshold 2"), but fails to launch properly on latest builds of "Redstone 1" ("Anniversary Update"). Regardless, I thought it was high time to create a modern sequel to QSlice, given that the original has poor user interface – no sorting or filtering (always sorted by process ID). I created a WPF version of QSlice, complete with sorting...