My first PluralSight course has been published!

August 8, 2013

In the last few months, I’ve been working on a course for PluralSight.

Creating a video course is not easy, as I found out first hand. In fact, it’s more difficult than writing a book. With a book, I can change a sentence or a paragraph, at any time and any place. A video course is different… changes are hard, and recording sessions cannot be done just anywhere. But I’ve learned a lot from the experience, which should make next courses a bit easier…

My first course is about a favorite subject of mine, Windows Internals. This deals with the way Windows works, all the essential terms are there, such as processes, threads, virtual memory, user and kernel mode, device drivers and others. I’m showing various tools that can be used to look at these concepts, as well as some code, mostly in C++, but some in .NET. The course is pretty long, over six and a half hours, and I’m not nearly done. I plan to create a “part 2” for this, as there are topics I didn’t get a chance to cover in depth.

If you’re a PluralSight subscriber, give the course a look!

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