Windows Phone 8 Dev Camp

April 22, 2013

A few hours ago, Ariel Ben Horesh and myself presented two sessions for Windows Phone 8 development at Microsoft offices in Ra’anana (Israel). Thank you all for attending! It was fun – it was the second time I presented with someone else (Ariel) at the same time… we had no time to rehearse, but it was great! The code we showed can be found on github at slides links are below.Enjoy!BTW, the IMDB service I created to run on Azure will not be up forever… I will probably shut it down (it’s in on private Azure account) in a...

Task and TaskCompletionSource

April 12, 2013

The Task and Task<T> classes have been around since in .NET 4, and are fairly well known. In .NET 4, the typical usage of a Task is to run some code on a separate thread (by default using the thread pool), as a better alternative to the raw thread pool. Task has a multitude of constructors, but all of them expect a delegate that is the code to be run when the task is executed. Task provides methods such as Wait, so that code can continue when a Task finishes, and powerful continuation model with ContinueWith, that provides easy...
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