XAML Tip: Graphics with ItemsControl

February 23, 2013

Sometimes in a WPF or Windows Store or Windows Phone application we need to draw some things based on some collection of data items. Suppose we have the following simple data item: class CarData { public double Distance { get; set; } public string Image { get; set; }}Suppose we have a collection of CarData objects, and the requirement was to show a set of images along a line with a particular distance, like in the following screenshot:The distance from the left is determined by the Distance property, and the image is determined by...

C# Extension Methods and Fluent Interfaces

February 7, 2013

The idea of fluent interfaces is not new, and has many forms. The basic idea is to use a single statement to encompass a series of operations that are natural, or at least simple, to use. There are very few fluent interfaces in .NET – the most well known, which has some fluent interface semantics, is the System.Text.StringBuilder class. Here’s a simple example: public static string BuildInfo(Process process) { return new StringBuilder("Process ") .AppendLine(process.ProcessName) .Append("Started at ").AppendLine(process.StartTime.ToLongTimeString()) ...
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