Windows 8 & Phone 8 UG August Meeting

August 29, 2012

Last evening we had a User Group meeting in Microsoft Offices in Ra’anana, with a lot of activity and fun. Thank you all for participating!

In the first part, we discussed the Windows 8 Store from various angles, end user and developer.

In the second part, we discussed Windows Phone 7.x and the upcoming 8, along with other sporadic topics – C++, WinRT, DirectX, COM, XNA, XAML… it was fun! And don’t forget the giveaways!

Just as a gentle reminder, out next meeting is on September 13th, where we’ll have an interesting session on “Metro” User Experience and User Interface from an expert in the field, Erez Pedro. We’ll also talk some more about Windows Phone 8 as some official things from Microsoft should come up. And last, and certainly not least, we’ll announce the terms of the competition which will provide the winner with a brand new Windows Phone 8 (when available)!

Please register here:

I’ve attached the User Group summary with all relevant links and emails. We’ll post the technical presentations on the Facebook group.

See you on the next meeting!

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