Asynchronous Programming with C# 5.0 & .NET 4.5 Session

March 26, 2012

This morning I gave a session on asynchronous programming with C# 5.0 at Microsoft offices in Ra’anana. Thank you all for attending, it was great fun! As promised, the presentation slides and demos are attached below (the Windows 8 demos can naturally be run on Windows 8 only). The session was recorded, so if you missed it, or just want to hear the same jokes again, the recording will be available in a few days – check out the MSDN blog for details of availability. Async Demos Async Metro Demo Presentation Slides

INotifyPropertyChanged implementation with C# 5.0

March 20, 2012

The INotifyPropertyChanged interface has become a very popular interface, typically used in MVVM scenarios (WPF/Silverlight). It looks simple, with a single member, which is an event, and its basic implementation by some data type may be something like this: class Book : INotifyPropertyChanged {     public event PropertyChangedEventHandler PropertyChanged;       protected virtual void OnPropertyChanged(string propName) {         var pc = PropertyChanged;         if(pc != null)             pc(this, new PropertyChangedEventArgs(propName));     }       string _name;     int _published;       public int Published {         get { return _published; }         set {             if(_published != value) {                 _published = value;                 OnPropertyChanged("Published");             }         }     }  ...

What happened to asynchrony with WebClient in .NET 4.5?

March 17, 2012

In the Visual Studio 2010 Async CTP, a bunch of extension methods have been added to the WebClient class, to facilitate the “awaiting” of C# 5.0, such as DownloadStringTaskAsync, which can be simply used like so: var wc = new WebClient(); string result = await wc.DownloadStringTaskAsync(""); One of the overloads present in the CTP accepts a CancellationToken, so that the operation could be cancelled by an external CancellationTokenSource. For example: async Task<string> GetData(string uri, CancellationToken token) {     var wc = new WebClient();     string result = await wc.DownloadStringTaskAsync(new...
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Presentations I’ll be giving this month

March 13, 2012

This month turned out to be a busy one for me, at least as far as public presentations are concerned. All sessions are free of charge, but you should register – details follow: Parallel and Asynchronous Programming with .NET 4/4.5 and C# 5.0 This session is to be held on the 20th, at John Bryce offices in Tel Aviv. I will do a quick recap of tasks and the Parallel class, and then move to async programming with and without the new C# 5.0 features. I will be using VS 2010 and the recently released (beta) Visual Studio 11. Link to registration Async...

Static vs. Instance (vs. Extension)

March 9, 2012

Sometimes I teach a basic .NET & C# course. Among many other things, I discuss arrays. I mention that all .NET arrays derive from System.Array, and so get some functionality for free, such as sorting. Here’s a simple array: int a = new int; Now, the inexperienced student may type “a.”, opening the intellisense list box, and look for a method named Sort – after all, the instructor (me) said arrays support such an operation. The confused student can’t find any such method. Of course the problem is that sorting is...
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Visual Studio 11 Beta–First Impressions

March 2, 2012

Visual Studio 11 Beta is out (along with Windows 8 Beta), so naturally, I installed it right away (I did create a restore point just in case…). I wanted to get some first impressions of VS 11, and this is the result. Installation Installing VS 11 was easier than ever, because there were no choices at all – just install and be done with it. No way to remove unneeded components. I don’t know if this is going to be the final install experience, but this is certainly new. I’m still not sure this is entirely a good thing,...