DirectCompute on Channel 9

June 20, 2010

DirectCompute is a new API introduced in DirectX 11, that allows more general-purpose code to run on the GPU (not just graphic rendering). Channel 9 has started a lecture series on DirectCompute. Currently two lectures are available, and the other five lectures, will be available on the 21, 25, 28 (June), 1, 5 (July). The first introductory lecture can be viewed here. The second lecture is here. Check it out!

TabControl Take 2

June 6, 2010

Maybe I was too harsh on the poor TabControl in my last post. For example, we can create a tabbed image viewer by binding the Image’s Source property to a corresponding BitmapImage object. However, this case is rather simple, and is not adequate for more complex scenarios, where data binding alone is not sufficient or not efficient enough. The basic idea I used to implement a more straightforward and predictable tab control is based on the ListBox. Yes, ListBox. One of the well known (and mostly) used customizations of a ListBox is changing its items panel. By default, it...
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WPF’s TabControl Issues

June 5, 2010

The TabControl class derives from Selector, which derives from ItemsControl. It’s supposed to host a collection of TabItem objects, with easy switching ability by the user, effectively creating the so-called “Tabbed Document Interface” that is so common today, replacing the old Multiple Document Interface (MDI) scheme. At first, it looks like TabControl is just what is needed for such an interface. For example, let’s create a simple notepad close with multiple open documents managed by a TabControl: <TabControl> <TabItem Header="File 1"> ...
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