My Developer Academy 4 Session

March 22, 2010

Today, I presented the session entitled “.NET 4: What’s new in the CLR and BCL?”. Thank you all for attending! I didn’t get the chance to do all the demos I wanted because of time constraints (I always try to stuff more that is possible in the allotted time, and even “stole” a few minutes extra), but I hope the message went through: there are improvements all over the board that will impact almost any type of application. I suggest you download the demos and slides from the developer academy 4 site (they should be there in...

Strange Bundle: WDK & Debugging Tools

March 3, 2010

Microsoft has released an update Windows Driver Kit (WDK) a few days ago, but with a new twist: The Debugging Tools for Windows are now bundled with the WDK and are no longer available as a free (and easy) download. The WDK is only available to MSDN subscribers and via the Microsoft Connect web site. This doesn’t make sense to me. Although WinDbg and friends are essential in the device driver world, they are just as important in the user mode world. I hope Microsoft reverts this decision and will once again allow free and easy download...