Dave Arneson Dies at the age of 61

April 13, 2009

קצת יותר משנה אחרי שנפטר גארי ג'ייגקס (Gary Gygax) מת מסרטן בשנתו בגיל 61 דייב ארנסון, שותפו של ג'ייגקס לכתיבת Dungeons & Dragons. ארנסון היה אחראי לכמה מהרעיונות הבסיסיים עליהם מבוסס עולם ה-D&D: כל שחקן שולט בדמות אחת, גיבורים צוברים כח דרך הרפתקאות והתנסויות ושאופי לא פחות חשוב מכח בקרב. נשארה תהילת עולם.
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64 bit process addresses

April 12, 2009

native 64 bit processes get a huge address space of 8 TB (instead of the usual 2GB of 32 bit processes). However, to actually get this address space range, the executable image must be linked with the LARGEADDRESSAWARE flag. If it's not, only the lower 2GB will be available. Why is that? Why doesn't a native 64 bit process get automatically the larger address space? I'll leave you to think about this a bit - I'll answer in a few paragraphs. Here's a simple test program: int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv) {     void* p;     __int64 total...

I’m an MVP!

April 1, 2009

Just got a nice e-mail from Microsoft, announcing me as an MVP! I guess it feels somewhat like winning the Golden Globe award. I'll probably won't get the Hollywood award type any time soon, but I can act like it and thank practically everyone I ever known. But, seriously, I would like to thank Guy Burstein who recommended me for the title and anyone else at Microsoft who may have pinched in a good word. Thank you all!