Working with SQL Server in Azure instead of SQL Express

March 22, 2009

When working with the Azure services, the Development Storage is configured to use SQL Express by default (looks for an SQLExpress instance name). If you want to use another instance (e.g. the full SQL Server), do the following: 1. Open the Azure command prompt by navigating to Start->All Programs->Windows Azure SDK (march 2009 preview) and select the Command Prompt shortcut. 2. Type dsinit /sqlInstance:name where name is the SQL instance name (use . for the default instance). This should initialize the storage fabric on this instance. If this fails – just repeat it, it should work. ...
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New Version of SOSEX published

March 9, 2009

For all those WinDbg + SOS/SOSEX lovers, a new version of SOSEX was published, which includes some new commands and enhancements to existing ones. Here’s a brief description of each command. More info can be found in the readme file and using !help <command> inside WinDbg. dlk       (no parameters)                                   Displays sync block deadlocks dumpgen   <GenNum>       Dumps the contents of the specified generation gcgen     <ObjectAddr>                                      Displays the GC generation of the specified object mbc       <Managed breakpoint ID | *>                       Clears the specified or all managed...
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