PDC Report: Day 3

October 30, 2008

In my previous report, I forgot to mention one more significant product update: Office. The next version of Office (“Office 14”) will have an online version, complete with the famous Ribbon and all major editing capabilities. In addition, synchronization services will allow nice, seamless sync between an online and offline versions, including the ability to open the same file by multiple users for editing with automatic or manual updates. On with day 3! Today’s keynote was by Rick Rashid, the head of Microsoft Research. After some general introduction to his division – MS research is one of...

PDC Report: Day 2

October 29, 2008

The day started with not one, but two keynotes. The first was led by Ray Ozzie, and much like his keynote on day 1, involved a bunch of other people, each one coming up to do their part before Ozzie closes the session. The main topic was Windows 7. Some new features of the OS were demonstrated, such as improved task bar, automatic discoverability of printers and devices, and of course, the (multi) touch interface. Definitely nice, although still relatively costly hardware. The road map was briefly presented, with no specific dates, but the hint was Windows...
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PDC Report: Day 1

October 28, 2008

PDC has begun! The keynote was started and ended by Ray Ozzie, with other supporting cast in between. The major thing coming out of the keynote was the cloud services based on Windows Azure (pronounced by most “Ajoor” with a French style J (like “bonjour”), but some other MS guy called it “azoor”). This is the operating system of the cloud, that was designed by two guys, one of which is Dave Cutler, the designer of Windows NT (and previously VMS). Cloud services are built on top of Windows Azure and deployed very easily to the cloud, where...
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PDC Report Day 0: Pre-conference

October 26, 2008

The “real” PDC only starts tomorrow, but today was the pre-conference, meaning it deals with current issues and technologies, as opposed to the PDC itself, which mainly deals with future technologies. Every attendee that signed up for the pre-conference day (an extra $400) had to choose a specific track, although technically you could switch tracks midway and no one would be the wiser. Personally, I enrolled in the “Advanced Windows Debugging” track; although I know this stuff pretty well, there are always new things to learn, especially from experienced others. The presenters have written a book with...
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Undocumented Helpful Command in WinDbg

October 16, 2008

When using WinDbg, one must type a lot… although the history (up/down arrow keys) is helpful, still… An undocumented command, .cmdtree in WinDbg allows reading a formatted text file that creates a nice looking window with the command tree just waiting to be double clicked. John Robbins’ post explains further. Here’s a sample file that can be used to create a nice looking command tree. it also includes SOSEX commands. Copy the file somewhere and then…   In WinDbg, type .cmdtree c:\tools\cmdtree-sos.txt and presto! cmdtree-sos.txt
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Operating System in C#?

October 7, 2008

Why not? Is that so unthinkable? Definitely the very lowest part of an OS has to be written in native C/C++/Assembler, but everything else can be written to run under the CLR (which is itself a native component). Microsoft research has an interesting project, called Singularity. The project implements an operating system in C#. The project leaders say that a future Windows version (version 9) may be based on this concept, although it’s still a long way. This is exciting news, at least for me – the idea to write a kernel device driver in C# can...
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Fun Day at Microsoft

October 5, 2008

ביום שלישי הקרוב (7 לאוקטובר) יתארחו מרצי ומומחי מכללת הי-טק במייקרוסופט ליום של צילומי סרטונים, בלוגים מרגשים ובעיקר הרבה XBOX… אני מזמין את הקוראים (והכותבים) לדיאלוג (או מולטילוג) איתנו במהלך היום הזה על כל נושא שמעניין אתכם (ורצוי שיהיה קשור למייקרוסופט באיזושהי צורה) לכל אורך היום (חוץ מהפסקות אוכל ו-XBOX), לשאול, להגיב, להביע וכל דבר אחר שנראה לכם רלוונטי… אני אישית מתכוון לעשות דברים בתחומים של LINQ, XNA, Silverlight ואולי דברים נוספים לפי הרצון ומצב הרוח. נתראה בשלישי!
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