Windows Azure Community–Israel April Session–Come And Hear Me

17 במרץ 2013

Tales of Production Debugging In the coming meeting of Windows Azure Community – Israel session (Apr-3rd 17:30) I’m going to give a session on debugging in cloud environment and especially in Windows Azure. You are all welcome to register at EventBrite (Seats are numbered). While you at that go to the community Facebook Page and “Link” it for feature updates and information.   This session will be mostly live coding/examples (5 Slides the most) so here is a short abstract on what you will hear : “Debugging large scale n-tier applications is...

Announcing: SELA Developer Practice, May 5-9, 2013

15 בינואר 2013

As Sasha Goldshtein, Sela Group CTO just announced we are very happy to announce our next conference—the biggest one yet—SELA Developer Practice, May 5-9, 2013. This time we opened the call for papers to local and international speakers, and here are the results, in numbers: 5 conference days: 3 days of full-day workshops and 2 days of breakout sessions in 4 tracks each 37 speakers, including 11 international speakers Among the speakers are 11 Microsoft MVPs and tech rock stars including Jesse Liberty, Shawn...
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Dell XPS Studio Break/Pause keyboard mapping

6 בספטמבר 2012

I have a Dell Studio XPS 16 laptop which I enjoy very much. This laptop is used primary for development and debugging and therefore Visual Studio is being used heavily. When I first got the laptop it took me some time to get used to the keyboard layout and combination keys needed as some of the key on a standard 106/102 keyboard layout are not in their original place or mapped to some type of key-chord combination. The only key I wasn’t able to find until recently was  the all-important (Debug Break and Build Break on Visual...

Windows 8 And Windows Azure – A Match made in Heaven

16 ביולי 2012

Earlier this month a gave a short presentation and demo at Microsoft’s Development Manager Forum July meeting. In this short hour We seen the new architecture and features changes in Windows8 and how we as developers need to adjust our way of thinking for them. Part of the changes in the application model of “Metro” applications calls for a new way to notify our application on externals events that may occur using the Windows Notifications API. But this is not the only change, an even bigger one is the distribution model. The Application Store for Windows 8 extend...

Sessions From SELA C++ Conference – My Session Slides

Thanks for coming to my talks at SELA’s C++ conference!. It was a treat to see so many people that still practice C++ and also eager to learn more. As we mentioned this is the “Renaissance” of C++ with all the new standard and what’s still coming ahead As promised you can view my two talks below. Async and Threads in STL11 vs. Microsoft ConcRT   Unleashing the GPU with C++ AMP   What a Match Windows 8 Metro Apps with C++

What's new in Windows Azure – Come and Hear…

14 ביוני 2012

On the beginning of June Microsoft announced on multiple changes and additions to Windows Azure environment. If you like to hear about them I'm going to give a session at the week of the 24th (June), The session will be at the Third Meeting of the Jerusalem .NET/C++ User Group on June 24th in Jerusalem and this is organized by Sela CTO Sasha Goldshtein you can register here
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Windows Phone 7 Mango Pre-RC is out (Fixed Title)

28 ביולי 2011

Windows Phone 7 Mango Pre-RC is out (Fixed Title) I upgraded my primary phone HTC HD7 to Windows Phone 7 to version 7.1 for ISV (codename “Mango”) about a month ago. and so far my experience with the stability and new features was great. Today while charging my HTC HD7 I received an update notification from the Zune software. I free 20min of my life and went on. Version 7.10.7712.60 is installed on my phone = Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Pre-RC More to follow soon. Share this post : Technorati Tags: Windows Phone 7,Mango,RTM,Upgrade

Red-Gate Released .Net Reflector 6.8 the Last FREE Version

31 במאי 2011

Red-Gate Released .Net Reflector 6.8 the Last FREE Version Red Gate announced couple of months ago that the next version of .Net Reflector won’t come in two flavors as it used to be. The free version was removed and only 3 types of paid application will be available. This announcement started a large community noise calling Red Gate to re-think about this step. As a result of the huge amount of complaints red-gate decided to release a new version (6.8) only for people that use the 6.6 or 6.7 version. The new version don’t have any of the Pro features...

Mix11 Here I’m

11 באפריל 2011

Mix11 Here I’m As you maybe aware this week the Mix11 conference is happening at Las Vegas. Sela has taken 13 consultants and 2 managers and sent us here. This is as far as I’m aware of the biggest delegation from any company beside Microsoft them self. I arrived Sunday afternoon to the Las Vegas airport after a very long flight with multiple connection just to discover 2 things. My suitcase is ruined by the airline, broken zippers and a nice cut on the side. In order to get to the hotel I need to grab a...
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