Publish a Plugin in Jenkins Site

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Being an open source project might think that would be enough with a couple of clicks to upload your plugin to Jenkins but nothing is further from reality. To publish a plugin in Jenkins site we must go through a series of steps that are not entirely intuitive to people who are not related to development tools like Jira and GitHub.   Step 1: Create a GitHub Account (or use an existent account) 1) Go to and click “Sign Up” 2) Fill the form and click “Create Account”   Step 2: Create a GitHub Repository (must be public) to store your plugin source code 1) Sign In...

Jenkins “Poll SCM” the Nightmare for Performance

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How many of us have ever used the "Poll SCM" option in our Jenkins jobs? It’s very easy to simply say to our job "hey can you please verify every X time my repository and trigger the job only in case there are any changes" At first glance it’s a simple, quick and harmless way. And the most important, it’s an easy method and works well. However, have we ever wondered what this represents for our server? What is the cost of this "comfort"? Probably not, what is sure is that every time that the server get slow we quickly complain and...
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