Microsoft ALM User Group – Migrating To Git And Staying Alive

September 6, 2017

Last Wednesday 06/09/17 I gave a talk about Migrations from TFVC to Git in Microsoft Raanana as part of the ALM User Group.

In this talk we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of Git in comparison to TFVC (TFS Version Control), we reviewed the implications and points to take into account when migrating to Git, we analyzed the keys to a successful migration, we saw how to plan it, how to perform it and finally how to get used to Git once we have migrated. All of this from a theoretical point of view as well with a practical example using VSTS.

Many thanks to all for coming and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. If you have any questions, you know how to contact me.

See you next time,

Leon Jalfon


PDF: MigratingToGitAndStayingAlive.pdf

Demo Steps: demo.txt


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