Oslo – Future Direction of Microsoft BPM Platform

31 באוקטובר 2007

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Oslo – Future Direction of Microsoft BPM Platform

During the keynote of the SOA & Business Process Conference, Microsoft has announced the future directions in its BPM strategy with Oslo – a multi-release set of technology investments across Application Platform for building service oriented and model driven applications.

There are five primary areas of investment targeted by “Oslo”:

  • Server. Microsoft BizTalk Server “6” will continue to provide a core foundation for distributed and highly scalable SOA and BPM solutions, and deliver the capability to develop, manage and deploy composite applications.
  • Services. BizTalk Services “1” will offer a commercially supported release of Web-based services enabling hosted composite applications that cross organizational boundaries. This release will include advanced messaging, identity and workflow capabilities.
  • Framework. The Microsoft .NET Framework “4” release will further enable model-driven development with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF).
  • Tools. New technology planned for Visual Studio “10” will make significant strides in end-to-end application life-cycle management through new tools for model-driven design of distributed applications.
  • Repository. There will also be investments in aligning the metadata repositories across the Server and Tools product sets. Microsoft System Center “5,” Visual Studio “10” and BizTalk Server “6” will utilize a repository technology for managing, versioning and deploying models.

For us [WCF] and [WF] developers, this means that Microsoft sees a great part of these technologies in its BPM platform vision, and will continue to add features to enable more scenarios can be tackled with them. Personally, I think that my own investment in these technology over the last couple of year was worth it!

Oslo Roadmap 
[from: Directions on Microsoft – Messaging, Workflow Roadmap Announced]


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