Windows 8: What’s New?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Got back from Build conference. Since I expect many people will ask me "So, what's new?" and since the answer is rather complex, I figured I should try to write a post about it, so here goes…   General Information Windows 7 sold (i.e. legal copies) over 450,000,000 copies since it was released. Windows 7 bypassed Windows XP in world usage. Windows 8 will be used primary for tablets and other touch-based devices. Windows 8 can run on Intel-based...
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New C# Forum for the Israeli Developers Community

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Following are some blog news: New Israeli C# Forum I'm proud to present a new MSDN forum in Hebrew for the C# developers community in Israel, managed by yours truly. The forum is available on the following link: To all those nice developers who keep asking me C# related questions by mail, I strongly urge you to post your C# related questions on this forum. NOT because I don't enjoy it! On contrary, I love to help you and would even more enjoy it if even more people...
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