Workaround For Crash In Performance Profiling Tools for WPF

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Introduction Every WPF developer knows the situation where you have a large line-of-business application, you’ve implemented all the features and when you finally run it on real data – it runs s-l-o-w. Optimization Time! Optimization for performance is fun since a 1% change of code gets you 99% change in performance. However, finding the one location you should change can be a pain. This is why we’ve invented performance profilers. Profilers can help you pin-point the problem. WPF? WPF applications performance problems can usually be categorized to several kinds, for example, layout related,...
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How to Check How Many Writes Are Done While You Build?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In the following post I’ll show you how you can measure how many read and writes (in bytes) your build takes. This may prove useful since the amount of writes can have a tremendous effect on the build total time. More on how to shorten your build time in a future post. Step 1: Download Process Monitor The key for measuring the build read and writes is to download the great tool by Sysinternals, Process Monitor. Process Monitor is a tool which monitors all the processes in your system for several activities, like: file-access, registry, etc....

Ways to Load Applications Faster – A Windows Phone Recipe

Friday, March 25, 2011

Note: the following article was first published as part of the Windows Phone Recipe “Ways to Load Applications Faster” found here, which I wrote for Microsoft, together with Yochay Kiriaty. Purpose of This Document This document introduces the loading procedure for Windows Phone Silverlight applications. It explains common mistakes that application developers make during application launch, and how those errors can increase the total application load time and harm the user experience. Next, this document describes some possible solutions for overcoming long load times and explains their implementation. Application startup is also discussed in Performance...