Sela Developer Days 2011 – Save the Date!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sela Technology Center is proud to present Sela Developer Days 2011 which will be held on June 26-30. One stage - hottest topics - Israel and world lead experts. A rare opportunity to hear all about the next big things in our technological world. 25 full-day workshops 15 lead experts 5 days You can find the full agenda on the conference website. Although I recommend ALL the lectures, I believe my blog readers will most enjoy...

MIX 2011: Sensor and Camera Access in the Next Version of Windows Phone

Friday, April 15, 2011

This session was delivered by Mark Paley, Principal Lead Program Manager from Microsoft. The next version of Windows Phone will support a few new sensors, like Gyro and Compass sensors. Mark started the session by showing several camera and sensors demo. Some common usage scenario: Sudoku solver Barcode scanner Custom photo application etc. So, what sensors are supported? Accelerometer – standard on all windows phone devices, provides...
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MIX 2011: Day 2 Keynotes Summary

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yet another post on MIX 2011 second day keynotes. The Keynotes started by Joe Belfiore presenting some information about how Windows Phone Updates are done. Specifically, Joe answered the common questions: Why the update came later than anticipated? (deployments bugs..) Who decides when to update? (MS and the operators) Joe stated that there are currently almost 13K apps in the Windows Phone market. The next edition of Windows Phone Ecosystem will support 16 additional languages and up to 35 countries will be...