WPF Tutorial Published [HEB]

September 7, 2011

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After publishing a Windows Phone tutorial and a Silverlight tutorial, I now bring you the WPF tutorial, for the sake of XAML-based technology completeness.

This 37 chapters tutorial in Hebrew completely adapted to fit WPF desktop development and using relevant source code and screenshots.

The tutorial is hosted on the great Hebrew developers community site: WebMaster.org.il

The tutorial is based on WPF 4 and it teaches desktop development from the first step, using Visual C# 2010 Express, provided freely by Microsoft.


Following is the index for all chapters:

    1. Introduction & Working Environment
    2. First Application
    3. XAML Language
    4. Setting Properties in XAML
    5. XAML and Code-behind C#
    6. Layout: Introduction
    7. Layout: Using StackPanel & WrapPanel
    8. Layout: Using DockPanel
    9. Layout: Using Grid
    10. Layout: Using Canvas
    11. Layout: Additional Properties
    12. Basic Controls: Introduction
    13. Basic Controls: Button controls
    14. Basic Controls: Text Controls
    15. Basic Controls: ListBox
    16. Basic Controls: ComboBox
    17. More Controls
    18. Date Controls
    19. Menu Controls
    20. Understanding ContentControl
    21. Using Dependency Properties
    22. Using Routed Events
    23. Adding Child Windows
    24. Using Resources
    25. Data Binding: Introduction
    26. Data Binding: Controlling Information Flow
    27. Data Binding: Controlling Update Time
    28. Data Binding: Defining Sources
    29. Data Binding: Using IValueConverter
    30. Data Binding: Using INotifyPropertyChanged
    31. Data Binding: Binding to Collections
    32. Using Data Templates
    33. Using Shapes
    34. Using Brushes
    35. Displaying Images and Videos
    36. Using Transformations
    37. Using Styles


    That’s it for now,
    Arik Poznanski.

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    1. English Speaking DudeSeptember 11, 2011 ב 10:44

      All good but i have no clue what is written :s