MIX 2011: Advanced Feature in Silverlight 5

April 15, 2011

This session was delivered by Nick Kramer, Senior Program Manager from Microsoft. Topics discussed: Unrestricted file access Silverlight 5 trusted apps can access all files. Silverlight 4 trusted apps could only access My Documents and friends. Access is done using the standard .NET Directory.EnumerateFiles and File.OpenRead Trusted apps in-browser In Silverlight 4 only out-of-browser application could be trusted with user consent In Silverlight 5: in-browser trusted apps with admin consent Trusted apps can access files, Use P/Invoke, COM Interop, etc. ...

MIX 2011: Enhanced Push Notifications and Live Tiles for Windows Phone

This session was delivered by Thomas Fennel, Program manager, from Microsoft. Thomas stated his session by showing what push notifications and tiles are. Push notification is how you can engage the user when your app is not on the foreground. Tiles are the squares on the Windows Phone home screen. Toast notifications – on the top. Tile notifications – most popular – includes data for count, title (of app or arbitrary string) and background image. Then, Thomas explained the normal architecture for a push notification application: Following...
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MIX 2011: Interactive Panel: Kinect and Natural User Interfaces

The panel participants were Curtis Wong, Alex Kipman, Darren Bennett and Kristin Tolle. Following is a brief summary of the questions and answers discussed in the panel. Question: What do you think will be the trends in NUI in the future? Answer by Bennett: NUI used anywhere, not just in games. Answer by Kipman: Using NUI to create a world with less technology, i.e. there will be no need to learn technology, instead the computer will better understand us. Also, the rise of speech technology and the merging of different inputs to accomplish...
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MIX 2011: Mono: State of the Union

This session was delivered by Miguel de Icaza, VP developer Platform, Mono Team, Novell. Miguel started by announcing the coming monospace conference: July 23 – July 25, in Boston, MA. Then Miguel presented the different mono related projects and their status: Mono includes Mono for iPhone (MonoTouch), MonoMac, Mono for Android, MonoDevelop IDE for Mac and Windows, Moonlight 4 (mono based Silverlight) and more. Miguel did thanked Microsoft for the large amounts of code it contributed to the mono project. MEF, DLR and F# are core contributions from Microsoft, among other things. ...
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MIX 2011: Sensor and Camera Access in the Next Version of Windows Phone

This session was delivered by Mark Paley, Principal Lead Program Manager from Microsoft. The next version of Windows Phone will support a few new sensors, like Gyro and Compass sensors. Mark started the session by showing several camera and sensors demo. Some common usage scenario: Sudoku solver Barcode scanner Custom photo application etc. So, what sensors are supported? Accelerometer – standard on all windows phone devices, provides...
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MIX 2011: My Schedule for Day 3

April 14, 2011

Following is my planned schedule for the third day of MIX 2011. Note: I have a Plan B for almost every lecture, just in case. Day 3, 09:00-10:00 Session: Designer and Developer: A Case for the Hybrid Presenter: Jeff Croft Description: Should designers code? Or is is okay for one to specialize in visual design and expect others to build their vision? As we get farther and farther away from the days of the "webmaster," and become an industry of...
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MIX 2011: Back to Square One

This session was delivered by Nishant Kothary. In this session Nishant tries to solve the $64000 question: Why do we suck at predictably building great software? This session was simply amazing. There are almost any software in this session, and yet Nishant succeeded to pass a very interesting lecture in a fun way. I deliberately don’t want to elaborate because I know I can’t express it better than Nishant. Just go see the video, fun is guaranteed. That’s it for now, Arik Poznanski.
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MIX 2011: Graphics and 3D with Silverlight 5

This session was delivered by Aaron Oneal, Program Manager from Microsoft. Aaron started his presentation with a very cool demo of the 3D capabilities of Silverlight 5. His demo used a model containing 140,000 triangles, with excellent performance. Next, Aaron discussed why 3D graphics was emphasized in Silverlight 5 (3rd most wanted feature on Silverlight User Voice) and what are the common scenarios for using 3D graphics (geographic apps, astronomy, 3D charts and reports, medical imaging, etc.) Aaron continued with a comparison of Silverlight 3D graphics with other 3D APIs...

MIX 2011: What’s New in the Windows Phone Developer Tools

This mini-session was delivered by Vibhor Agarwal, Senior Program Manager from Microsoft. Vibhor presented only the new Emulator enhancements and the new profiler provided in the next version of the developer tools. Some of the new emulator enhancements: Memory model improvements Media support for H.264, AAC Sensor support – Accelerometer and Location Vibhor showed a demo about the new accelerometer emulation: and new location emulation: Then, Vibhor presented how one can use the new...
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MIX 2011: Get Ready for Fast Application Switching in Windows Phone

This mini-session was delivered by Adina Trufinescu. The agenda for this session was: Application Resume User Experience Application Lifecycle Phone Resource Management Key Developer Scenarios Adina started by discussing the next version of Windows Phone, codenamed Mango, where there is much improvements in the area of returning to a previously active application. To take advantage of this in your application you will need to recompile your application against the new developers tools. Adina then explained...
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