Coming session: Using Windows 7 Features in .NET Applications, in Microsoft Israel

March 28, 2011

Next Thursday, 07.04.2011, I’ll be giving two sessions about “Using Windows 7 Features in .NET Applications”, in Microsoft offices, Ra’anana, Israel. On the first session “The 7 Show: From XP to Win 7” we will talk about new features in Windows 7 that will modernize your application. We will learn how to work with the new Taskbar, how to work with Sensors, how to use the Ribbon interface and more. The session will be rich with examples in .NET, WPF and WinForms. On the second session “Touch...
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Ways to Load Applications Faster – A Windows Phone Recipe

March 25, 2011

Note: the following article was first published as part of the Windows Phone Recipe “Ways to Load Applications Faster” found here, which I wrote for Microsoft, together with Yochay Kiriaty. Purpose of This Document This document introduces the loading procedure for Windows Phone Silverlight applications. It explains common mistakes that application developers make during application launch, and how those errors can increase the total application load time and harm the user experience. Next, this document describes some possible solutions for overcoming long load times and explains their implementation. Application startup is also discussed in Performance...

Beginner’s Guide for Programming in C# – Hebrew

March 21, 2011

I've recently published a series of posts in Hebrew on the great site The posts can be used as a beginner's guide for programming in C#. Following are the links for the different posts: C# Guide - Part 01 – Installation C# Guide - Part 02 - First Program C# Guide - Part 03 - Input Output C# Guide - Part 04 - Basic Variables C# Guide - Part 05 - Arithmetic Operators C# Guide...
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3-Screens Development using WPF, SL and WP7 – SDP 2011 Conference

March 16, 2011

Yesterday I’ve delivered my lecture titled “3-Screens Development using WPF, SL and WP7” in the SDP 2011 conference. In this lecture I’ve presented the application FlashCards.Show which has 3 clients in WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7. I showed how to share the code base between the different clients using: MVVM Adding files as links Preprocessor symbols OOP Portable Library tools Then I showed a few features that exist in WPF and don’t exist in Silverlight, and how one can overcome this gap. Specifically I showed how to: Implement Commands in Silverlight 3 Implement ClipToBounds property Implement a DataTemplateSelector replacement I want to...

Flashcards.Show – Planning a Cross-Platform Solution

March 13, 2011

Following is another post by Yochay Kiriaty on a project I’ve done for Microsoft involving WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 and Windows Azure. If you’re interested in more details, make sure you come to my presentation at the coming SDP 2011 conference (in two days!). I recently blogged about Flashcards.Show Version 2 for WPF, Silverlight, and Windows Phone, which features the Flashcards.Show application. I’m not going to (again) review the app, but I do want to talk about how we developed the application and the design the code base to support multiple clients....

MIX 2011, Here I Come!

March 9, 2011

Since I will arrive on Monday and I’m not participating in the boot camps, I’ve decided to follow Gil Fink’s footsteps and also offer four 15 minutes consulting sessions FOR FREE! We can discuss about anything, from UI technologies like WPF, Silverlight and WinForms to C# with Interop, COM and Windows 7. All you have to do is contact me through my Blog’s Contact Form or my mail (which can be found on the left column of my blog) with your details and what do you want to talk about. I’ll contact the first four...
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Flashcards.Show Version 2 for the Desktop, Browser, and Windows Phone

March 4, 2011

Following is a great post by Yochay Kiriaty on a project I’ve done involving WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 and Windows Azure. If you’re interested in more details, make sure you come to my presentation at the coming SDP 2011 conference. The application has been around for few months now. It is mostly used as a developer’s reference and demo for showing specific and cool Windows 7 features. While the first version of the Flashcards let you create all kinds of decks and then consume these cards in the form...