Order in Chaos: Dependency Property Value Resolution

December 24, 2010

One of the strength points for WPF is the ability to set a property value using a wide range of methods. Unfortunately, this variety makes it hard to understand how a WPF dependency property gets its final value. Hopefully this post will help organize this issue. This post is based on the comprehensive MSDN article “Dependency Property Value Precedence”. Long Story Short Can you show an example please? In order to see this in action let’s create a WPF application that has all these scenarios used. For this to be possible...

My Session on Sela College Channel

December 20, 2010

A few months ago I delivered a session on Windows 7 features in WPF and WinForms applications. In this session I show, among other things, how to work with the Windows 7 Taskbar, how to work with sensors information (light, temperature, etc.), how to use the Windows 7 Ribbon and more. Fortunately for all those who missed it, the session was recorded and is now available via Sela’s latest invention: Sela College Channel, a broadcasting channel for software related videos. You can see the session on this link. Note that the session...
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Ribbon for WinForms: More Details On RibbonGenerator Tool

December 10, 2010

My associate, Bernhard Elbl, as published another two posts on his blog further explaining the latest improvements in the Ribbon for WinForms project. In the first post Bernhard explains what is the RibbonGenerator and how it is generating the .ribbon files. In the second post he explains what does it takes to use the Ribbon for WinForms project using Visual Studio 2010 Express edition. I suggest everyone who use this project to check out these posts. Finally, I would like to thank Bernhard for his good work. That’s it for now, ...
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How To Implement a Windows Live Writer Plug-in That Checks For Missing Tags

December 4, 2010

This post provides the technical details on how I’ve implemented the Windows Live Writer Plug-in Check For Missing Tags, which was presented here. What Is This Plug-in Anyway? This plug-in will remind you to add the proper tags if they are missing. Trying to post without proper tagging when the plug-in is installed will result with the following dialog: Clicking on the Cancel button (which is the default) will abort the publish operation and will let you update the categories. The list of required categories is saved in a simple text file...
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Never Forget To Tag Your Post Again!

Background A few days ago, there was a bloggers meeting at Microsoft Raanana Office. While I was there I’ve heard some people complain that they sometimes forget to add the proper tags to their blog posts (e.g. DEV, ITPRO, TECH, OFFTOPIC, VIDEO). Presenting: Check For Missing Tags Plug-in I’ve decided to pick up the glove and implement a Windows Live Writer plug-in that will remind you to add the proper tags. Trying to post without proper tagging when the plug-in is installed will result with the following dialog: Clicking on...
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Adding Missing WPF Controls To The Toolbox

December 1, 2010

The other day I was teaching a WPF course when one of the students asked me where is the “Line” shape in the Visual Studio Toolbox. I approach to show him, only to find out that this control is indeed missing from the Visual Studio 2010 Toolbox. Even if you search the alleged “All WPF Controls” tab.. After a quick check I’ve found that this is not the only shape missing. The missing shapes are: Line, Path, Polygon, Polyline. And who knows which other controls are missing. Anyway, you can add...
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