PDC 2010: My Schedule For Day 2

October 29, 2010

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Following is my schedule for day 2 of PDC 2010:

Day 2, 09:00-10:00
: Building High Performance HTML 5 Sites with IE 9 by Jason Weber
Description: Learn about what actually drives performance across the web and how you can make your sites faster. See how Internet Explorer has been redesigned from the ground up to take advantage of modern PC hardware, and how GPU powered graphics, compiled JavaScript, and HTML5 are revolutionizing how developers think about the web.

Day 2, 10:15-11:15
: Microsoft Visual Studio IntelliTrace, Test Impact Analysis and Tier Interaction Profiling by Justin Marks
Description: As applications become more complex and pressures to decrease costs increase, we need tools to facilitate reducing the turn-around time for testers and developers to find and fix bugs. In this session, we’ll show how new diagnostics capabilities such as IntelliTrace and Test Impact Analysis can help us get rid of those pesky “no repro” scenarios that routinely plague developer / tester interactions. We will dive deep into some of the more advanced scenarios that IntelliTrace supports such as debugging user code failures, tweaking the settings of IntelliTrace to customize collection, command line collection, and debugging failures in Azure applications. We’ll then go into how you can gain confidence of quality before checking in by helping developers run the right automated tests based on Test Impact Analysis and ensuring a performant end-user scenario using multi-tier performance analysis.

Day 2, 11:30-12:30
: Inside Windows Azure by Mark Russinovich
Description: Join Mark Russinovich, now working on Windows Azure, for an under the hood tour of the internals of Microsoft’s new cloud OS. Topics will include datacenter architecture, cloud OS architecture, and what goes on behind the scenes when you deploy a service, a machine fails or comes online and a role fails.

Day 2, 14:00-15:00
: Real-World Analysis and Optimization of XNA Framework Games on Windows Phone 7 by Jeff Petkau
Description: Good code design, performance tips, and a solid understanding of the platform are all essential to game development. Learn how to use the Microsoft’s Advanced Technology Group’s (ATG) battle-tested techniques to find and fix performance-killing issues in Windows Phone 7 XNA Framework game code. Also, hear about real-world analysis and optimization of XNA Framework games on Windows Phone 7.

Day 2, 15:00-16:15
: Taking Advantage of Pinned Sites with Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7 by Israel Hilerio
Description: Internet Explorer 9 allows developers to more tightly integrate their websites with the Windows 7 task bar and start menu. With Pinned Sites, you can add a website to the start menu, define Jump List tasks, create custom Jump List items, provide visual notifications on the task bar with icon overlays and even add custom thumbbar buttons on the default thumbnail preview. See how this functionality works without any markup changes from you, and then dive deep into enhancements you can add without changing your sites layout! This session will provide best practices and guidance from Pinned Site that have already been built. We’ll see how this is done through the IE F12 developer tools.

That’s it for now,
Arik Poznanski

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