PDC 2010, Day 1: Keynotes: Windows Phone 7

October 28, 2010


Windows Phone 7

Make sure you check the Windows Phone 7 Ad which is soon to be available in he US.

At this moment Steve announced that all PDC 2010 participants will receive their own personal Windows Phone 7! Today.


Now Scott Guthrie comes to talk about Windows Phone 7.
Next, Brandon Watson presents us a demo of several Windows Phone 7 applications, including: Bejeweled, Facebook and Amazon Kindle for Windows Phone 7.

After the demo, Scott shows how to quickly develop applications for the Windows Phone 7. This can be done entirely free using: Visual Studio 2010 Express and Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools, which can be downloaded here.

(Small) Announcement: Today Microsoft is shipping a new OData client library for Windows Phone 7.

Now Scott shows another demo of building a panorama based application that gets his data from eBay using the new OData library client.

Another (small) Announcement: Profiling tools for Windows Phone 7 will be available soon. The profiler is using instrumentation for collecting accurate information about: Frame rate, CPU usage and storyboards and displays it on a timeline.

Scott shows a demo of using the new profiling tools

Steve Ballmer returns to the stage and promises yet another gift for PDC 2010 participants: a free registration to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace to submit our own applications (costs 99$).

That’s it for now,
Arik Poznanski.

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  1. LironOctober 31, 2010 ב 13:19

    Hi Arik,
    When Israel will be supported on APPHUB & Windows Marketplace?

  2. arikNovember 3, 2010 ב 19:58

    Unfortunately, not any time soon..