PDC 2010, Day 1: Keynotes: IE9 + HTML5

October 28, 2010

Here is a summary of the major issues presented by the CEO of MSFT, Steve Ballmer, and Bob Muglia in PDC 2010 keynotes.

You can find the most impressive ones under www.microsoft.com/news

waiting for keynotes

In the image, waiting for the keynotes to start.

First, some PDC statistics, according to Steve, there is approximately 30,000 live viewers of the PDC keynotes, including the local sites around the world. Around 1,000 are in Redmond. I’m one of them Smile.

Internet Explorer 9 and HTML 5

Steve talked about the move to smarter devices (PC, Phone, Xbox) and the evolution of cloud applications and services, and the fact that “HTML 5 is the glue for all frontend and backend”.and the fact that “HTML 5 is the glue for all front-ends and back-ends”.


Steve mentioned some statistics about Windows 7, over 350,000,000 new PC sold in the last 12 month, and 240,000,000 Windows 7 licenses sold.

The hardware is starting to catch-up, many devices have touch support, and this number will just continue to go up.

Internet explorer 9 latest version has some unique features, including:

  • Great support for HTML 5

  • Giving improved user experience of a site running on a windows based-machine.
    Quote: “Try to make the web feel like native application”

On the 6 weeks of beta testing IE9, it was downloaded 10,000,000 times. That’s the most downloads ever for a beta of internet explorer. And probably any browser beta for that matter.

Corporate vice president in charge of the Internet Explorer team, Dean Hachamovitch was brought to the stage to show a demo of IE9 features including: Hardware acceleration of video and animation, HTML 5, performance comparison with Google Chrome and Integration with Windows 7 user tasks.

You can download the latest version (Platform Preview 6) of Internet Explorer 9 beta here and find the code for the demos in www.ietestdrive.com.

That’s it for now,
Arik Poznanski.

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