Live Writer Plug-in for Sharing Technical Post

July 17, 2010

Adding a new post to my blog was always a daunting task. I had to follow these steps: Write the post on Windows Live Writer Publish it and get the post link Submit to DotNetKicks and get their counter html Submit to DotNetShoutout and get their counter html Prepare html for my CodeProject blog feed Edit the post and add the html I’ve collected in the previous steps Republish post Well, no more! Inspired by Guy Burstein’s post I’ve decided to write my own Live Writer Plug-in that will handle all of this mess for me. In order to test the plug-in...

Step Into .NET Framework 4.0 Source Code

July 12, 2010

In this post I’ll show you how to configure your Visual Studio 2010 to step into the source code of .NET Framework 4.0 Why? Because its cool. Because it helps with debugging. Not only you can see the code but you can step into it. Because unlike with Reflector, you get the code with the original comments and variable names! Step 1: Download Source Go to Download from the line marked with Product Name: .Net , Version: 4 That's a 175MB download.   Step 2: Install Source Install “Net_4.msi”, which you have downloaded at the previous step. I’ve installed it into: “D:\RefSrc\” The installed size...