Windows Ribbon for WinForms, Part 0 – Table of Contents

December 23, 2009

First I want to announce that the Windows Ribbon for WinForms library is no longer beta. Since now the library covers every feature available by the windows ribbon I think it would be useful to provide a table of contents for the posts I've written during the development process. Each post serves as documentation on how to use one or two ribbon features. Windows Ribbon for WinForms, Part 1 – Introduction: Background on the windows ribbon. Windows Ribbon for WinForms, Part 2 - Basic Ribbon Wrapper: Basic .NET wrappers for windows ribbon. Windows Ribbon for WinForms, Part 3 - First WinForms...

Sela just got upgraded..

December 18, 2009

Hi all, I wanted to update you that I've recently began to work as a senior consultant at Sela Group. I'll be consulting on a wide range of development technologies, from the plain C WIN32 API, thru the Windows 7 COM based API, to the latest .NET improvement. I'm really excited to work with Sela's professionals and I know I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. That's it for now, Arik Poznanski
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Windows Ribbon for WinForms, Part 21 – SizeDefinition

December 14, 2009

After reviewing the MSDN documentation for the Windows Ribbon Framework I’ve discovered there is only one subject I haven't covered in my ribbon posts. This post comes to rectify this issue. This post is about how to define custom size definitions for ribbon group elements. The post is entirely about ribbon markup, so no changes to the Windows Ribbon for WinForms library. Nevertheless, I’ve uploaded a new sample “18-SizeDefinition” to the project site. In this sample I create the paragraph group which you can find in WordPad application. What’s special about this group is the custom layout it represents. What is...

Windows Ribbon for WinForms, Part 20 – QuickAccessToolbar

December 3, 2009

Windows Ribbon for WinForms library now supports working with the ribbon quick access toolbar. The result of this post is a yet another sample, “17-QuickAccessToolbar”, found on the project site. What is Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)? Quick access toolbar resides on the left of the window title. The user can save there common ribbon commands he wants to easily access. A user can add a ribbon button (or toggle button or checkbox) to the QAT by right clicking it and select “Add to Quick Access Toolbar”. The application developer can specify a set of “default buttons” (In the above...

The story of the Ribbon

December 1, 2009

Here is a video from MIX08 that tells the story of making the ribbon. It includes a review of the previous versions of office along with the advanced research that was done to create the office 2007 Ribbon UI, including creation of different prototypes for possible office UIs. I know it’s a little old but the video is really fun and interesting so that would be a shame if someone missed it. The video is 90 minutes long but after the first 5 minutes you can't stop. That’s it for now, ...
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