Silverlight – Bring Element to Full Screen

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Update 03/04 – new version to the source to support data context inheritance, thanks grabah. (There is a problem with all of the inherited properties, as the element’s location is changed behind the scenes, I thought it would be useful to support the data context though) Silverlight includes a Full Screen capability where you can view your application in full screen. This can be done by setting the “IsFullScreen” property to true - Application.Current.Host.Content.IsFullScreen = true; It basically turns your Silverlight application into a full screen view. You can set...

Enabling cross-domain calls for Silverlight on self-hosted WCF services

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Read the full details Here. Carlos came up with an elegant way to enable cross domain calls from silverlight to self hosted WCF service. Such calls requires the server to allow cross site scripting which is done by placing a settings XML file in the web site root.But what about the cases where you self host a service in a process and you're not in the context of a web site root? Well, that's what the post is about.
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Toolkit Updates

Make sure you check the latest source and bits of: WPF Toolkit DataGrid v1 DatePicker/Calendar v1 Visual State Manager Preview Ribbon Preview Silverlight Toolkit AutoCompleteBox NumericUpDown Viewbox Expander ImplicitStyleManager Charting TreeView DockPanel WrapPanel Label HeaderedContentControl HeaderedItemsControl Themes - Expression Dark / Light | Rainier Purple / Orange | Shiny Blue / Red
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Silverlight 2 is here

The final release of Silverlight 2 is out. Download Silverlight 2 SDK, Developer Tools and Expression Blend 2 Here, Read Scott Gu's post for more details.

Silverlight 2 RC is now available

The RC version is out and ready for use.Read Scott's post & Nicholas for what's out there. Download Resources: Visual Studio 2008 Tools RC0Expression Blend SP1 RC0Windows Silverlight 2 Dev Runtime RC0  
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Silverlight Resources

Via these posts:Free Silverlight Controls And Tools For Brighter WebsitesSilverlight 2 UI Templates Following are useful links to visit before writing Silverlight applications. 1) XAML Power ToysXAML Power Toys is a Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Multi-AppDomain Add-In that empowers WPF & Silverlight developers while working in the XAML editor.  Its Line of Business form generation tools, Grid tools,  DataGrid and ListView generation really shorten the XAML page layout time. 2) Silverlight Community Gallery2.a) Silverlight 2 Community Samples 3) XAMLTemplates.netControl templates available for purchase 4) BlacklightBlacklight is a UX focused code sharing project. Microsoft has released a bunch of technologies that allow designers and developers to...
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Silverlight 2 Beta 2

Yeap, it is here. Silverlight 2 beta 2 was release last week. It had been posted over 999,999,999 blogs so I won't say much about it. It does have some cool new things, check Scott's post.
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Silverlight 2 – First Look

Follow this link to go to Scott Guthrie's post on Silverlight 2 Scott goes through what the upcoming Beta1 release of Silverlight 2 provides with links to a set of tutorials. Highlights: WPF UI Framework Rich Controls Rich Networking Support Rich Base Class Library I hope I will get a chance to step into the internals of Silverlight, No doubt it is the future of RIA for Microsoft tech lovers.
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