MS DTC – Can’t get it to work? Try Reinstalling – The Proper Way

December 6, 2012

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Boy that MS-DTC, huh? Smile It can give much trouble, no doubt.
If you can’t communicate between two parties and keep failing with errors such as “The flowed transaction could not be unmarshaled”, try the following:

  1. Use DNS instead of IP addresses
  2. Disable Firewall
  3. Remove security and enable the options in the MS-DTC security (in the Component Services shell)
  4. Try DTCPing to troubleshoot the case

If everything seems to be set properly and you’re still experiencing connectivity issues, you should try reinstalling MS-DTC.
This is specifically necessary if the OS was created from an image, the MS-DTC relies on a unique ID, and if you use the same image, this could cause the problems.

I strongly recommend you follow these instructions for removing MS-DTC and reinstalling it. In some cases, I had to do this complete wipe and install to solve the case.

Good luck.

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