TechEd 2010 Eilat – Great so far

November 29, 2010

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 I decided to blog alittle about my ongoing experience here in TechEd Eilat.
Yesterday, on day 1, I arrived to Eilat and immediately got the great atmosphere this conference has put out for us.

Day 1

I attended the evening key-note session and was very impressed by the operation the Microsoft has gathered and pulled it off beautifully. It wasn’t hard to see that there was a great investment in this conference, and I’m simply glad.
The key-note was refreshing with good entertainment. There wasn’t much that came new to me, but it was certainly nice to see how Microsoft sees the next generation in a new world of sharing and collaboration being materialized.

Day 2

I attended 2 sessions – Windows Azure Guidance Part 1 and 2. I liked these presentations very much, they met my expectations perfectly.
There wasn’t any code, as much as I love to see code in sessions, that’s what I expected. The presenter talked about all the key components in Windows Azure, explaining about them and how you should generally use them. That’s what I was aiming for, just to get a bit more organized about things, and these sessions did just that.

Another session that I attended today was Deep Dive on Workflow Services. It was rather disappointing, don’t get me wrong, the session was interesting and well built but I was expecting a more of a deep dive than what was actually there.

All in all, so far I’m having a blast. Soon there’s the big party and I’m sure it would be great.

For day 3, I plan to go see the tooling presentation made by Alon Fliess, the CTO of our new company. I’m pretty sure I’ll recognize everything there, but knowing Alon, this will be very professional and amusing to watch.
Another session that I plan to attend is about storage in Azure, I guess it’ll be good too.

To summarize, the TechEd met my expectations in terms of content sessions and the execution of everything around it had been fabulous up until now. Microsoft – good job! thank you.

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