StreamInsight In a Nutshell

August 23, 2010

I’ve been reading about StreamInsight lately, there’s a lot of buzz around it nowadays. StreamInsight is mainly a data processing engine which has great performance and latency achievements, as well as massive throughput handling capabilities. It generally targets systems which need to handle events in massive concurrency or in cases where short latency is needed for resolving the information results. Let’s look at High Level Architecture - The architecture resembles BizTalk to say the truth, and is common for such processing engines. The main...
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Starting on a New Path

August 22, 2010

After six months as a senior consultant and architect at Sela, I have decided to take on a new venture. Myself and some other great guys are starting a new company, named CodeValue. The company’s main focus is developing products for developers and ALM. We already have a product at heart, which we are really excited about, and some other very cool ideas. Furthermore, I don’t intend to stop providing consultations and training, it’s a part of me. As a company, the purpose is to make things simpler and...
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WPF – Editing Mode with Save and Cancel Capability – Serialization

August 9, 2010

In continuation of the previous posts - WPF – Editing Mode with Save and Cancel Capability WPF – Editing Mode with Save and Cancel Capability – Dynamic ViewModelProxy In this post I will demonstrate an elegant and simple solution that you can use regarding the second option presented in the first post series (cloning via serialization). The Use-Case Often, in more advanced scenarios, you need to duplicate your object for a different view. (read the first post for more detail) A commonly used technique is using serialization to clone the object....
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