WPF – A Cool Feedback Control – 3D Book View Switching

July 10, 2010

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Update 29/07: The project was updated, there was a minor bug in the object changed notifier.

A few years back I was looking for a good place to start with for building a nice feedback control.
The purpose was to allow end-users to provide feedback on the application on any given subject.

After browsing the internet, I found the following –
Creating a 3D book-shaped application with speech and in using WPF 3.5 by Roberto Sonnino.

It’s a very cool and a beautiful project, nice work Roberto!

To make the application fit into my solution, I made the following changes –

  1. I removed the speech and rotate functionality. There was no need for these features (although they’re very cool), you can edit the code to enable it back if you like.
  2. I wrapped it into a reusable control. There was quite some work to do in order to do that, but I managed 🙂
    1. Currently, there’s a small hack that needs to be done in order to use it with more than one instance. I didn’t invest the time to solve this since in most cases, you should have one instance in the application and that’s it.
  3. In the control, I edited the template and functionality to provide the ability of saving the feedback input
  4. I added some API methods to get the ink as image and the text in order to allow doing something useful with it

You can then choose to save the input and persist it somewhere, send notifications and whatnot.
Then, developers and project managers can take a look at the images and feedback users had sent them.

So.. how does it look like?

All you need to do in order to add this control is place the following XAML in your application’s main area –

Code Snippet
<controls:FeedbackView x:Name="feedbackView" />

When running, there is a new addition in the bottom right corner (that’s the default) –


The above image is a bit small, I recommend you get the sample in the link below to see it in action.

When clicking it, you get the book working for you –


You can download the source and showcases here – Zuker.WpfSamples.
NOTE: The project contains more things I plan to address in future posts, so stay tuned 🙂 (I will post when I update the project too)
In the application, just click the ‘FeedbackViewShowcase’ in the list.

Thanks for Roberto who was kind enough to allow me to share this.

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