Design Principles – Design Your Service Properly

June 7, 2010

I read a post one of my colleagues, Yuval Mazor, had written - ReactiveQueue Example: Increasing Throughput for Stateless WCF services After reading the post I decided I have to comment on this. I must say, I enjoyed the blog post and it does show what RxContrib can do for you, a really good job. I understand the example there is just for the sake of showing RxContrib capabilities but I feel like I have to say a couple of words about it :) In general, you should always design your services properly...
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Silverlight – Bring Element to Full Screen

Update 03/04 – new version to the source to support data context inheritance, thanks grabah. (There is a problem with all of the inherited properties, as the element’s location is changed behind the scenes, I thought it would be useful to support the data context though) Silverlight includes a Full Screen capability where you can view your application in full screen. This can be done by setting the “IsFullScreen” property to true - Application.Current.Host.Content.IsFullScreen = true; It basically turns your Silverlight application into a full screen view. You can set...