WCF Contrib Questions

February 10, 2010

I decided to blog about common questions I receive regarding WCF Contrib. You can find all questions in the WCF Contrib FAQ. Communication Patterns What's the best practice for web applications that call services? Research has shown that in concurrent environments such as web it is more scalable and has better performance to use a dedicated communication object per a sequence of invocations (sequential - one call after another in the same execution chain flow). ...
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Entity Designer Database Generation Power Pack

Via Entity Designer Database Generation Power Pack A power pack for Model-First design approach in Entity Framework for Visual Studio 2010. It builds on the new EF4 extensibility points (WF & T4) and provides the following: Basic Table-per-Hierarchy support. This is represented by the “Generate T-SQL via T4 (TPH)” workflow. The SSDL and MSL generation pieces can now be tweaked through T4 templates, both in TPH and TPT strategies through the “Generate T-SQL via T4 (TPT)” and “Generate T-SQL via T4 (TPH)” workflows....
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WCF Contrib v2.1 – Customize Output Caching Provider

February 8, 2010

Via http://wcfcontrib.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=ClientChannelOutputCache Output Cache Provider Factory This is the factory class that is responsible for creating the actual output cache provider. This is where you extensibility point kicks in, you can replace the built-in factory with your own, read about it here. The factory needs to have a public parameter-less constructor and implement 'IOutputCacheProviderFactory' public interface IOutputCacheProviderFactory { IOutputCacheProvider CreateProvider(); } As you can see, this is a simple factory interface for providing the actual provider implementation. Output Cache Provider Output cache provider is where the magic really happens. This is...
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WCF Contrib v2.1 – Client Channel Output Caching

February 6, 2010

Via http://wcfcontrib.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=ClientChannelOutputCache. A new feature that arrived at WcfContrib v2.1 Feb10 Beta. You can use the output caching to cache the operation output with the setting of your desire. This is extremely useful and may save you quite some time from building client caching stores. The built-in mechanism implemented here is In-Proc in-memory cache using the synchronized dictionary that comes with WcfContrib as well. You can fully customize it and change the underlying provider or store. (E.g. EntLib/ASP.NET Caching/AppFabric...
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WCF Contrib v2.1 Configuration Section

Via http://wcfcontrib.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=WcfContribConfigurationSection. Full-Blown Configuration <configuration>   <configSections>     <section name="wcfContrib" type="WcfContrib.Configuration.WcfContribConfigurationSection, WcfContrib" />   </configSections>     <wcfContrib>     <client applyBoosting="true" />       <services applyBoosting="true" />       <extensions>       <logTrace logFolderPath="C:\MyLogsFolder\" />       <outputCache providerFactoryTypeName="MyOutputCacheProviderFactoryTypeName" />     </extensions>   </wcfContrib> </configuration> Client Apply...
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WCF Contrib v2.1 Feb’10 Beta

February 5, 2010

I am happy to announce a new version of WcfContrib was published today. It has been tested and it is stable. However, there were some core optimizations so this is considered to be a small test-run to make sure it is alright before tagging it as a stable release. Please provide feedback, your input is important. Changes from last version: New Output Caching module for Client Channel – Very useful feature! New behavior attributes and extension elements (ActivationContextInitializerAttribute, ActivationContextExtensionBehaviorElement, ErrorContextHandlerExtensionElement) A userful commonly-needed...
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