WCF 4 – Routing Service, The Beginning

January 19, 2010

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I have decided I had enough time to “rest” while being swamped with work and personal agenda over the last few months, it’s time to get back on the saddle.

I mentioned it some time ago, but one of the core projects I have been working on is building a smart router facade, a sort of a message broker, providing versioning, virtualization, PEP and so on.

WCF 4 introduces us with a nicely wrapped router service OOTB.

I was on my way to try to determine if I can use that service as the base implementation for the router facade that I had written.

The built-in Routing Service sounds cool on paper, with useful features. (protocol bridging, filters, routing, back-up list) However, the router I had written does have necessary things that I’m not sure the built-in new routing service can provide.

For starters:

1) Is that usable in terms of non-simple-static-config-plain-physical services? (E.g. load client endpoints from service registry/discovered endpoints)
2) Can the router service handle things dynamically and support most common communication patterns?
3) Is the router service extensible and pluggable enough for you to tweak stuff down the chain?

I plan to write a series of posts that demonstrate if and how the built-in router can provide technical answers to the questions above.

I had a small glimpse yesterday and I’m afraid it’s not a perfect "Yes it can”, I will get to that.

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