WPF Binding Expression Alternatives

January 15, 2009

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Via this post from WiredPrairie blog.

The post holds links that explain approaches for extending the binding extensions.

Extending “Binding” or “BindingBase” is pretty tacky, this is due to the fact that BindingBase.ProvideValue is sealed.
The posts illustrate an elegant approach for wrapping it up and creating your own MarkUp extension to provide you with the functionality you desire.

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one comment

  1. Luis PerezDecember 19, 2012 ב 21:57

    I created a markup extension that can be used as a substitute for the default bindings in WPF. I mention it because I made extension use of the markup extension and made the source code available, so I thought someone reading this blog post might be interested. You can find it here: http://www.simplygoodcode.com/2012/08/simpler-wpf-binding.html