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This week we’re running the Sela Developer Practice conference and this year it’s bigger and better than ever, with speakers coming from outside of Israel to deliver talks.  I was fortunate enough to see the 10 Reasons Software Sucks talk by Caleb Jenkins and had a chance to grab a beer and some good food with him later for some one-on-one chat.  Seriously people, if you get a chance – go watch this guy speak.  He  ROCKS! 

I gave two sessions at this SDP:

1.  Model-Based Testing with Spec Explorer 2010 – I discussed what Model-Based Testing (MBT) is and how software teams can use it to enhance their testing effectiveness.  This talk included a practical demonstration on how to use MBT for testing a WCF service.  Code for this session is available here.

2.  Pull-Based Agile Development Methods – I talked about the problems that are inherent in push-based workflows, including both Waterfall and Scrum models.  We discussed the concept of pulling and the idea of Work-In-Progress (WIP), which then naturally led us to a discussion of Kanban. 

As in every  previous SDP, I learn much more than I teach.  A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended my sessions – you had some great and insightful questions and comments that I’ll be pondering.

Hope to see you all in the next SDP!

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