Our Talk at Sela DevDays–ALM Best Practices with TFS 2010


Today Assaf and I gave the talk above in front of ~20 people.  People were quite receptive – and I believe we got them to understand not only how you do things in TFS 2010, but also why.  Some of the things we talked about: What are work items and how to use them (including customizations and links) How to properly build a branching plan Where and how to apply automated builds and CI Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to cover TFS 2010...
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Retrieving Unit Test Results for Builds in TFS 2010


Have you ever wanted to use the TFS 2010 data warehouse for retrieving the unit test pass/fail count for a specific build?  Maybe you wanted a report showing the number of unit tests that ran during each nightly build last week.  In any case, if you wanted this or something similar, you soon found out an interesting fact – picking out only unit tests from the warehouse is not trivial.  Here is the query for doing this: SELECT BuildName AS 'Build',   COALESCE(,0) AS Passed, ...
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Impressions of DevTeach 2011


I spent the last week in Montreal, attending (and speaking at) DevTeach 2011.  This was my first time in Montreal (and in Canada in general), and I quite liked the city.  It’s a North American city, to be sure, but does remind me of Europe.  I also got to meet an old friend I haven’t seen for a number of years, so that just added to the fun. DevTeach was great.  The content was good, and what more I got to meet a bunch of cool and interesting new people.  This is the thing about conferences – what...
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