CCR Provider Available for the Reactive Queue


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Bnaya has released a new version of the RxContrib project which includes the Reactive Queue – an RX interface above a message queue.  This version has a provider for CCR ports as the underlying queue mechanism.  This provider supports a Port<T> for OnNext notifications, and PortSet<T, Exception> for both OnNext and OnError notifications. 

To compile, make sure that you have a version of the CCR available (you can download it from here) and change the appropriate references in System.Reactive.Contrib.Ccr and System.Reactive.Contrib.UnitTests. 

I’ll be doing some posts in the near future on how to use the Reactive Queue – rest assured that we’re dog-fooding it quite extensively in our current project.  Finally, if you’re using the Reactive Queue and are willing to share your experience – we’d love to hear from you! 

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