Microsoft Reputation Services (MRS) Servers

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) product line is using Microsoft Reputation Services (MRS) Servers to obtain Malware lists, URL lists etc. If you are using additional firewall/s, you may need to allow passing HTTP/S traffic from the TMG/UAG server to this servers. To find the current IP’s of the Microsoft Reputation Services (MRS) Servers you can use the command: “for %i in (ds ts) do nslookup “ Note: By default, the “System Policy” of the local TMG/UAG would allow HTTP/S traffic to pass through after you enabling  Malware /URL Protection. Source: URL filtering troubleshooting flow
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Common methods to provides a high availability solution by using TMG 2010

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The following post describes the common methods to provides a high availability solution by using TMG 2010. Note: This post doesn’t cover Internet service provider high availability solutions.   Option 1: Using TMG 2010 Enterprise and Load Balance Mechanism Pre-Prerequisites: 1. At least two TMG 2010 Enterprise Servers. Source: About the Forefront TMG Editions 2. The TMG 2010 Servers should be setup to use Windows NLB or Hardware load balancer (The load balancer should support IP affinity). Note1: Without using some load balance mechanism no automatic failover / load balance would...

How to send Microsoft ISA/TMG Server logs to Syslog Server

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

While surfing on the net. I found a nice article from Mr. Richard Hicks, that provides a complete "how to guide", that provides instructions how to send ISA/TMG logs to Syslog Server, by using a open source tool. By pressing the following link, you can read the article: Configuring Syslog on ISA and TMG with Splunk Log Management.
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